8th April - 17th May


8th April - 17th May at the studio



Challenge Pass £130

You can join the challenge anytime and you’ll pay pro rata. Email reception and they will organise it for you.

The countdown has started! PYC studio is set to reopen on 17th May and we are marking the occasion with a very special challenge.

Join us in practicing every day for 40 days, from 8th April to 17th May when we’ll celebrate with classes at the studio. It’s your chance to fire up your practice, feeling energised and inspired for this next chapter.

Whether you have already completed a PYC challenge or you are thinking of joining for the first time, this is a fantastic opportunity to make a personal commitment to yourself. It can often be easier to find time for work, family and friends, than to make time for ourselves. This challenge will give you the structure to create time each day to nurture yourself – until you can come to the studio, we’ll bring the studio to you!

The prospect of committing to 40 days may seem daunting, especially if you’re not accustomed to a regular practice. Keep in mind that you have lots of options for your daily class. It doesn’t have to be 60 minutes every day, you can also select a shorter class from the On-Demand Library. The important thing is dedicating time each day to you as the commitment will transform your physical and mental health. We can say this with confidence because we’ve seen it happen. Practicing everyday will improve your strength and flexibility, you will also notice more subtle benefits such as better mood and sleep patterns.

Why not embark on the challenge with a friend? Inspire each other and share the experience.

Let’s make the run up to the reopening of the studio a dedication to each other and ourselves. Let’s commit to coming out of this long and difficult period feeling vital, focused and hopeful. We hope you can join us. You won’t look back.

Available to everyone, if participants already have an hourly or monthly unlimited pass we will put it on hold during the challenge • Yearly unlimited pass & Autopay members can also join the challenge using their pass