Dharma Yoga to complement your Power Yoga Practice
In Depth Asanas / Studio News / August 20, 2017

Dharma Yoga to complement your Power Yoga Practice


At PYC, we’re introducing a new class to complement your Power Yoga practice: Dharma Yoga with Alix Inness.

Where Power Yoga focuses on strengthening and grounding, Dharma Yoga focuses on opening and elevating. Where Power Yoga flows dynamically, Dharma spends more time with a single pose. They are perfect partners: coming to a Dharma class will open more space in your body to go deeper in your Power Yoga practice.

Dharma Yoga is named after Sri Dharma Mittra, born in 1939. Before he became a teacher, Dharma spent 10 years studying with his Guru, Sri Swami Kailashananda a.k.a. Yogi Gupta. To learn, Dharma would copy the Guru physically, mentally and spiritually. Subsequently, Dharma classes are a quiet space and teachers will encourage students to find their own way into the poses by watching and copying, rather than give detailed instruction.

Dharma Yoga is explorative and the poses are very much all about finding areas of internal compression and opening them. There are a great deal of variations of a single pose, allowing you to identify areas of resistance and go deeper.

Dharma’s focus on heart-opening is amazing for improving your backbends! The great number of inversions also gives you the opportunity to refine your poses in preparation for our faster-moving Power Yoga classes.

Now we love Power Yoga; we’re never going to move away from Power Yoga. We’re introducing a Dharma class because of the way it can elevate and enhance your Power Yoga practice. One of the things we love the most about it is its vigour and dynamic variety. However, we sometimes find that we want to spend more time exploring a single pose. We want to play with variations and spend time finding our own way through it. PYC’s new Dharma class opens up that opportunity in our week.

We think Dharma Yoga is the perfect complement to regular Power Yoga classes. It’s like oiling your body, making it more supple and open in your practice.
To celebrate the introduction of our new Dharma Yoga class, we’re offering the first class free to our students.
For more on the origins of Dharma Yoga, read PYC teacher Alix’s blog post here.
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