Yoga Basics with Christian
In Depth Asanas / July 20, 2015

Yoga Basics with Christian


In the Power Yoga world, we usually dive into a very dynamic class where we are encouraged to stay in a fast paced flow. This can be a daunting experience for beginners who are not that familiar with the practice and may not be aware of personal limitations, which can lead to injury. Further, flow classes rarely provide us with an opportunity to ask questions and understand the foundation of the poses. For these reasons, I have designed the Power Yoga Basics workshop.

This Power Yoga Basics workshop will give you the opportunity to slow your practice down and revisit some of the basic tools that will help you set a strong foundation for later, more challenging poses. In a supportive setting, you will build confidence and learn to move safely as we explore some of the beginner yoga postures, alignment, breath practices and conscious movement. And asking questions is encouraged! Upon completion of the workshop, those who are ready to dive in will have the tools needed to join an All Levels class while those interested in further exploration of the foundations will be ready to step into a Level 1 class where you can continue to build strength and deepen your overall knowledge of power yoga. I strongly recommend the basics workshop to ensure your yoga starts from a place of abundance, empowerment and joy.

I have been practicing various styles of yoga for eight years and have always been passionate about the integration between breath-body-mind in a constant flow. Having started my practice in Rio de Janeiro, I have since trained in India, Thailand and London with a number of experienced teachers. I aim to guide students through classes that are dynamic, intellectually stimulating and uplifting – whilst being devoted to many aspects of yoga. For more information about my training, studies and class schedule, visit