Yoga Tips January 29, 2019

Coming back to Yoga after a break

When you take a break from yoga, coming back can be a challenge. In many cases, students don’t stop practicing because they wanted to stop, but because practice got sidelined by something else. Let go of any self-consciousness, get on your mat, close your eyes and breathe.

Teacher Training December 22, 2018

My Yoga Teacher Training Experience

8 years ago, long hours of studying for a PhD was causing Alix mental and physical stress. Looking for a way of dealing with this she took her first yoga class. This eventually led her to train as a teacher at PYC. Discover more about her journey of self - discovery.

Teacher Interview December 1, 2018

Elodie Frati ~ My journey to Yoga

As I embarked on my first teacher training, I was confident my life would change in the direction I already loved: movement and people. I never thought it would propel me with such force into a world where every door seemed open. I look forward to the future this path will lead me to.

In Depth Asanas November 29, 2018

Why Meditate?

The benefits of meditation are no secret and can positively affect every part of your being: mind, body and soul. A regular practice can have real, physical impact such as reducing stress and relieving pain. On a deeper level it connects us to our inner divine wisdom.

In Depth Asanas November 29, 2018

Unravelling the science of Yoga

There are pivotal moments in life when we most need perspective. The space to connect to our intuition and gain clarity on our direction through this life. And so it was that Silvia found herself spending last Christmas in India on a 15 day silent meditation retreat.

Studio News November 29, 2018

Om and Ahh

In a world where stress seems to rule our lives and we feel like we have no control over the direction we are going in, it’s time to wake up to the power of breath. Breathing techniques are now being embraced by people across the world for their infinite benefits.

Studio News October 31, 2018

Join the PYC 21 Day Yoga Challenge

We are delighted to introduce you to our upcoming 21 Day Yoga Challenge. Open yourself to the possibility of transformation in your life, your mind and your body. Our 21 Day Challenge is for everyone. Go at your own pace and practice loving kindness towards yourself.

Teacher Training September 28, 2018

Fredrik Underhaug ~ my Teacher Training at PYC

Born and raised in Bergan, Norway, Fredrik has always been passionate about health and well-being. He is a trained firefighter and personal trainer, and completed our 200hr teacher training this year. Fredrik recognised through yoga that change starts from the inside and out.

In Depth Asanas September 20, 2018

Yoga Transitions ~ develop a deeper practice

Transitions in yoga, and life can be challenging. When we learn to transition with grace and control in our physical practice it affects our life off the mat, filling us with new confidence. We’ve put together some tips on making your transitions smoother and more mindful.