Backbends with Caroline Pegna
In Depth Asanas / July 2, 2015

Backbends with Caroline Pegna


Open up your Heart Centre ‘Anahata Chakra’ and overcome your fears of backbending with a 2 hour guided workshop with Caroline Pegna.

Arguably the most beneficial part of a Yoga practise, backbends provide more than just another posture to improve the strength and elasticity of the spine. A regular backbend practise works deeper to improve cardiac and digestive systems, and frees up important emotional centres, in particular the Anahata Chakra.

Backbends often evoke a sense of fear for many students. Don’t worry this is completely normal! With the proper guidance and knowledge of how to get into the backbend correctly you will soon embrace and enjoy this vital part of your practice.

This workshop will look at particular key backbends that come up regularly in the yoga classes here at The Power Yoga Company such as Dancers, Wheel, Camel, Bow, Flip Dog and all the variations and transitions within them. Each student will be given the right tools and guidance to be able to move into these backbends in a safe but brave fashion.The workshop will also help to open up the shoulders, hips and chest in order to access a more open and supple spine, a crucial aspect to backbending.

Beneficial for both those students who are still fairly new to yoga and would like to understand the technique behind back bending, but also for the more experienced yogi who would like to learn more of the advanced variations.

Caroline is extremely passionate about teaching yoga and feels very lucky that she is able to do this as her job! She hopes that students will find her classes to be not only challenging but also fun and playful. She originally trained 4 years ago with Duncan Peak in Australia and since then has followed other teachers such as Tiffany Cruikshank and Stewart Gilchrist. What she loves to see the most is students progressing, changing and on a journey to meeting their full potential on and off the mat!

The Backbend-Awakening Anahata workshop is on Saturday 3rd October from 13:30-15:30 at The Power Yoga Company.