Awaken Your Inner Sun
In Depth Asanas / January 20, 2017

Awaken Your Inner Sun


Often students ask me how to develop and maintain a sense of grace and lightness throughout asana practice. My response is always the same; that it is ab-solutely down to the core.

Many paint an incomplete picture of the core, associating the core only to the commonly sought after aesthetic of a well-defined ‘six pack’. In truth, the abdominals form only one of several components that make up the core. The core is essentially the whole central chunk of the body, allowing functional movement in all three planes of motion as well as being a stabiliser and force transfer centre. Imagine your core as the sun and your limbs as beams of light radiating off this centre.

In this workshop, we will approach the core as both a physical and an energetic space. Through dynamic asana practice, we will explore the differences between strengthening and stabilising the core. We will learn to access movement from the core efficiently, cultivating strength that stems from physical integration and connection whilst maintaining a safe and injury free practice. Ultimately, being able to experience the powerful experiences of lightness and being whole.

Discover how to adore the core beyond its aesthetics as we experientially refine our understanding of core strength and stability to safely enjoy playing on the ‘edges’ of practice, exploring individual possibilities whilst respecting limitations.  Join David for his Core workshop on Saturday, 18th February from 1:30 – 3:30, which is now available for booking. Two hours of dynamic asana and a fair bit of belly laughing. All bellies welcome.

David is a 300-hour certified yoga teacher specialising in Dance-Specific Yoga. Known for his emphasis on graceful yet functional transitions, he empowers students to take ownership of their yoga journey and develop a playful practice to constantly test their limits and explore new perspectives. His classes are liberating to the body, picturesque in the mind and light on the heart. David teaches on Wednesdays at 12:30pm at the Power Yoga Company.