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Yoga Tips / June 18, 2021

A beginners guide to the different types of yoga

If you’re new to the world of Yoga, it may be a little daunting to get to grips with the different types of Yoga that are available and which ones to try. Don’t worry though, keep reading for a beginners guide of the different types of Yoga you should know about.

What are the different types of yoga classes that PYC offer?

Here is a list of some of the Yoga classes that are available at Power Yoga Co:

Power Yoga – A popular choice amongst many Yogis, Power Yoga echoes Ashtanga (another type of Yoga) but is more accessible to Western students. The key difference is that unlike Ashtanga, there isn’t a set series of poses which means instructors are able to adapt the sequencing.

Vinyasa Yoga – If you’re interested in trying a versatile style of Yoga, this is a wonderful choice. Vinyasa incorporates intelligent and seamless movements between asanas, all of which is linked with breath. Due to the variety of postures that can be used, you can be certain that no two classes are the same!

Yin Yoga – This is great to try if you want something that is slow-paced. Poses are typically held for five minutes or longer. Even though this is a passive style, Yin Yoga is deceptively challenging due to the strength needed to hold poses for a long period of time. Applying a moderate amount of stress to connective tissues (tendons, fascia and ligaments) is done to increase circulation to joints as well as improve flexibility.

Slow Flow Yoga – This is a perfect style to try regardless of your Yogi experience as it allows you to sink much deeper into your practice. Slow Flow Yoga places emphasis on calmness of body and mind and poses are held for a while, with several breaths taken in each pose.

Restorative Yoga – For a more revitalizing style, Restorative Yoga is fantastic for anyone who wishes to relax and release the body into a gentle stretch. Sometimes poses can be held for as long as 10 minutes! This is a style that incorporates various props such as blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets. The purpose of Restorative Yoga is to have support within each pose so that it is easier for you to be completely immersed.

Pregnancy yoga – For any mamas to be, Pregnancy Yoga is a wonderful style to try. Poses are modified with pregnancy in mind whilst breathing techniques taught can really help to balance your mind and body. The best thing about Pregnancy Yoga is how beneficial adopting the breathing techniques learnt can be for your own labour journey.

Other types of yoga classes

The types of Yoga styles explained above are just a few that are taught at Power Yoga Co. There is versatility in Yoga and regardless of your preference, Power Yoga Co. will ensure you find something you will enjoy practicing at our studio.

Whatever your preference, there is bound to be a Yoga style you will fall in love with!