2015: Your Yoga Year?
Lifestyle / March 20, 2014

2015: Your Yoga Year?


Another new year is upon us!  And as always in the month following indulgent December, January is all about wellness.  Conversations with friends at this time of year are likely to include mention of a mad new diet regime that promises to be both easy and effective. The Atkins, the Caveman, the 5:2 etc. – each year there seems to be a new way to eat. Each year too, there is a new way to exercise: first it was aerobics, next it was gym classes, then spinning and in 2014, running had something of a renaissance.  But in amongst all of these fads, mixed in with all of these crazes, every year – again and again, Yoga continues to be a hot topic of conversation when it comes to new year’s resolutions.  Unlike other exercise trends, Yoga doesn’t seem to go out of fashion – if anything it seems to get more and more popular as yet another January rolls around.  That’s the thing about Yoga – you don’t get bored of it.  You never ‘complete’ the final level, you never ‘win’, and you never get too old to practice.  The more you practice Yoga, the deeper your understanding of your body and mind becomes.

Here at PYC, January 2015 has been no different.   We have already seen lots of beginner Yogis take advantage of our £25 for 25 days Introductory Offer to see what all the fuss is about.

Ok, what is all the fuss about?  You’re probably reading this because you’re not new to the Yoga world, or at least the idea of Yoga.  You might already have noticed the way Yoga aids restful sleep and the way it improves your posture.  Perhaps you have experienced increased concentration levels after practicing, and you will definitely have realised that Yoga brings strength and flexibility to the body in a way that no other physical activity can.  I’d guess too, that you are familiar with the way Yoga – unlike many other forms of exercise – can bring both stillness and energy at the same time; a quiet mind and a revitalised body.

We are delighted to welcome the ‘New Year Yogis’ to our studio, because 2015 sure is set to be a busy one at The Power Yoga Company.  As well as our introductory offer for new members, our January schedule is already packed out with 88 classes each week (see our full schedule online) and a selection of workshops to allow you to specifically focus in on exactly what your body needs.  Join Pete Cherry this Saturday 17th January (hurry and book your spot now!) to go through the Power Yoga Basics (13:30 – 15:30, £25) in his workshop designed to both introduce beginners to the wonders of Power Yoga, and to allow existing yogis to gain a deeper understanding of their practice.  On Saturday 24th January (13:30 – 15:30, £25), Jo Arthur will bring some Yin Yoga love to our Hips and Hamstrings in her workshop designed to release tension in two areas of the body that cause the most discomfort.  Our regular schedule includes Level One classes for beginners, Kids Yoga, Post/Pre-Natal Yoga, Yin Yoga, Flow and Restorative Yoga, as well as our All Levels Power Yoga classes – whoever you are and however you like your yoga, we have a class that will suit you.

And for after class, the TPYC Juice Bar is now fully up and running, serving organic fresh juices, smoothies and raw protein bars made onsite to give you a clean, fresh and healthy post-yoga energy boost and send you back into the world truly nourished.

Whatever other exercise or dietary trends may have caught your attention this January, hold on to the old favourite and try to make a little more time for your yoga practice.  Whether you’re at the start of your yoga journey or a little further down the road, join us at TPYC to experience what the fuss is about and perhaps, make 2015 Your Yoga Year.