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Before Enrollment
What is the “yoga alliance”?

The Yoga Alliance is the largest internationally recognized professional organisation for yoga teachers and schools. The Yoga Alliance maintains teaching and ethical standards. The fact that the Yoga Alliance has certified our Power Yoga teacher training programme means you can have complete confidence that it meets with its exacting standards and that all of our teachers have the necessary qualifications. Once you have completed your 200-hour level training, you can apply to register with the Yoga Alliance. Once accepted you can use the title 200 RYT or Registered Yoga Teacher.

How intensive will the course be?

The course is designed to enable people to train and qualify as yoga teachers over a period of one month and as a result is mentally and physically challenging. We are confident that you will enjoy the programme and that it will fuel your passion for yoga. However, it is important that students understand the level of commitment required.

What style of yoga is taught?

We specialise in Power Yoga. Our students will be specifically taught to teach Power Yoga.

Can I do the teacher training even if I just wish to develop my own practise rather than teach?

Our course is designed to help students to reach the necessary level to qualify as teachers. Most of our past students now teach yoga, either full or part-time, although some chose to do the course because they simply wished to develop their understanding of yoga. We welcome everyone but, whatever your motivation, ALL students will be expected to follow the same curriculum and complete the same homework and exams.

When will I find out if I have been accepted into the training?

Our intensive course is demanding. We will only accept, as students, those who we feel have a strong chance of completing it successfully. We will assess your application within seven days of receiving it.

What is the cost of the training and what is the refund policy if I’m unable to attend the training?

Student and Early Bird Discounts are available. The Power Yoga Company does not offer refunds for the Teacher Training except in the case where you are deemed medically unfit to participate. In this instance you will receive a full refund less the non-refundable deposit and reasonable administrative costs.

Is there a minimum of years I should have practiced yoga prior to the training?

We require that applicants have practiced power yoga for at least 2 years prior to enrolment, but every body is different and depending on your background (maybe you are a dancer or gymnast) the training may still be suitable for you. Ask us directly or send us your application and we will be able to tell you more.

Is there a specific age limit?

There is no specific age limit to become a teacher.

I live abroad, can I still do the course?

Yes, the course is international with no restriction on nationality or religion. Every year we have students from other countries. There are lots of B&B and short term rentals available in the area, please let us know if you need more information and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Before Training
Will I be expected to carry out any homework prior the start of the teacher training?

No, However we will provide you with the reading materials one week before the program begins.

How many times a week do I need to practice prior to the training?

We ask students to practice as often as possible to ensure they are in the best possible condition when the course begins.

How do I secure my place on the training?

After you have confirmation that your application is successful your place will be secured on receipt of a deposit of GBP1000.

When is the full payment due?

The full amount of the course is due 4 weeks before the program begins.

During Training
Where does the course take place?

In a beautiful room at Jet Photographic Studios next to The Power Yoga Company and its Juice Bar, on Lettice street. There is abundant public transport close by, and there is space for securely locking up your bike!

Do I need to be a vegetarian and what should my diet be like during the training?

No you don’t need to be a vegetarian, however we recommend embracing a vegetarian diet for the duration of the training.

What if I need to miss a class or a weekend?

Attendance is a requirement of the yoga alliance so it is imperative that you attend the full program, however if your absence is unavoidable, private sessions can be arranged at an extra cost.

How much time will I be expected to spend on homework?

There will be reading and writing assignments given throughout the course.

What do I need to bring for the training?

Your mat, a note book, a pen, water, a towel, a mix of nuts and seeds and dried fruits as snacks.

After Training
Will I be qualified to teach yoga once I have completed the course?

Yes you will be qualified and ready to teach a class upon successful completion of the Teacher Training course. You will begin practicing teaching early in the program. Our aim is to give you the experience and knowledge you need to teach with confidence.

Will I be qualified to teach yoga once I have completed the course? Is continuing education required to keep my certification?

Once you are certified you don’t need to continue your education to keep your certification but we strongly recommend that you participate in workshops and other trainings to keep on learning, yoga is a vast subject that any 200h course can’t cover in its whole, this is a life long learning.

Do you offer any ongoing support after the teacher training?

The directors of the teacher training will assist you with any question you may have after the training and we hope that the studio will stay a very special place for all the trainees to both practice and stay in touch with the studio’s community.

Will there be any job opportunities after the completion of the training at the Power Yoga Company?

A lot of the teachers at our studio have completed our teacher training. However, we do not guarantee that all trainees will get classes at the studio. If you wish to apply to work at the studio you will need to follow the PYC recruitment process.