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Dear Marie-Laure and Amélie,

I just wanted to thank you both so very much for your time, energy and genuine commitment to the teacher training. It’s been a wonderful learning experience, physically and spiritually, and I’ve learned skills on many levels that can be applied to a variety of things, not just yoga, so I’m very grateful to have had this opportunity.

Sophia Butler-Cowder, The Power Yoga Company Teacher Training 2014, teacher at TPYC

The Power Yoga Company’s Teacher Training program far exceeded the very high expectations I had when I started the course. The teachers are of the highest caliber, supporting and challenging us as they helped us develop our skills and grow into teachers ourselves. The physically and mentally rigorous curriculum, and the opportunity to devote one month exclusively to practicing and learning to teach yoga, is a unique and life-changing experience.

Becky Farbstein, The Power Yoga Company Teacher Training 2012, teacher at TPYC

The teacher training at The Power Yoga Company was a real turning point in my life! Meeting like minds to share the experience and the hard work of the Power Yoga Company team made the training unforgettable. The balance of subjects was perfect and the incredible people chosen to teach were just the best! My practice improved immeasurably and my desire to explore the history and meaning of Yoga has never been stronger. I can honestly say that my life will never be the same again. The training has given me the opportunity to start again and continue teaching something that I love. One of the most important thing’s I have ever done. Ten hours a day, seven days a week for one month..?? I’d definitely do it again!

John Collins, The Power Yoga Company Teacher Training 2012, teacher at TPYC

The Yoga Teacher Training with The Power Yoga Company was one of the most rigorous challenges that my body, mind and soul have ever experienced. Sharing the opportunity to be inspired thirty days in a row with like-minded people was extraordinarily rejuvenating. Absorbing the extensive curriculum from so many top-tier teachers was deeply enriching for my life as a whole.

Ellen Choi, The Power Yoga Company Teacher Training 2012

The Power Yoga Company teacher training was one of the most amazing and transformational experiences of my life. Under the gracious guidance of Amelie and Marie-Laure, the 30 day training proved to be an absolutely wonderful, challenging (both physically and mentally) and truly enjoyable journey…one that I cannot recommend highly enough to anyone who loves yoga and all the joy that it brings.

Jo Arthur, The Power Yoga Company Teacher Training 2011, teacher at TPYC

A life-changing, fun yet challenging course – highly recommended! I would never think that I could become a yoga teacher in just 30 days, but during the course we all grew every day getting more and more confident and after some hard work and pure dedication we were all certified and are now pretty awesome teachers! I started teaching at The Power Yoga Company straight away after the course and enjoy every second of it.

Ulrika Fallenius, The Power Yoga Company Teacher Training 2011, former teacher at TPYC

Training with The Power Yoga Company totally changed the path of my life. It gave me the tools not only to teach other people yoga but also the tools to cope with my own life better. Teaching yoga is not just a job it can be a way of life. Marie Laure and Amilie set this course up so well to cover every aspect of yoga, philosophy, anatomy, adjustments and more. Whether you are looking to teach or to deepen your own knowledge and practice I couldn’t recommend this course more.

Zoe Stewart, The Power Yoga Company Teacher Training 2010, Teacher at TPYC

The month long Power Yoga Company Teacher training was the perfect balance between a serious yoga immersion and still being able to keep my other life going. I was looking for the answers as to ‘Why I loved yoga so much?’, rather than ‘How do I become a yoga teacher?’ – I got the answers to both and started teaching right away. Great group of teachers all with different approaches, so you get a broad understanding of all aspects of yoga. For me…It was the best launch pad for my yoga teaching journey.

Fiona Spencer, The Power Yoga Company Teacher Training 2011, former teacher at TPYC

The Power Yoga Company create a beautiful and supportive atmosphere to train in. My teacher training was a life-changing experience that pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. You will surprise yourself, and those around you will inspire and surprise you too.

Josie Taylor, The Power Yoga Company Teacher Training 2011

I found the Fulham Power Yoga Company Teacher Training to be a wonderful and thoroughly researched course. I had previously trained as a teacher in the USA but was amazed at the wealth of knowledge I picked up and at the excellence of the coaching provided. Unlike many courses, I believe it gives new teachers the confidence to begin their careers right from the off. The Power Yoga Company are also well positioned to offer employment opportunities to new teachers and to connect you with the Yoga community at large. What’s not to like?!

Pete Cherry, The Power Yoga Company Teacher Training 2010

The teacher training was fantastic! Mona and the other teachers were really good at setting up a safe environment for us to practice and fail and learn. Also the amount of knowledge between them was amazing and inspiring. So fun when you can pick their brains about anything and they have something for every question. For me it was incredible and I felt that I got a much deeper appreciation of yoga, though I also got the understanding that there’s a lot more to learn and this would just be the first chapter of my yoga adventure.

Fredrik Underhaug, The Power Yoga Company Teacher Training 2017, teacher at TPYC